Application Examples

Setter Plates for reducing atmosphere furnace:

Setter plates of silicon nitride measuring 250mm by 8mm were used in ammonia gas atmosphere at a temperature range from 1,200C to room temperature more than 500 times, and no spalling or deformation was noticed.
Silicon nitride plates measuring 140mm in diameter by 40mm in bore by 8mm in thickness(flatness0.02mm) were used as setter plates for sintering power metals (at 1150C in ammonia gas atmosphere) of gear wheels of utomobile parts but spalling and deformation were not observed even after over 10,000 times used.
Flatness of gear wheels sufficiently satisfied the standard of flatness(0.07mm) and the corrective process was eliminated. Since silicon nitride setter plates are available in small thicknesses and high in surface flatness and work ability, they are best suited for use as setters plates for powder metallurgy.

Brazing Jigs:

Silicon nitride plates measuring 200mm by 100mm by 15mm (having three 15mm by 7mm grooves and used in electronic parts manufacture) and 360mm by 100mm by 15mm (flatness 0.1mm, used in manufacture of oil cooler for automobiles) were used as jigs at 1050C in non-oxidizing continuous furnace for brazing but spalling and corrosion by flux were not observed at all in both plates even after six months use.
Durability, precision of product and yield rate of standardized articles was remarkably improved as compared with traditional stainless steel and carbon

Pusher Slabs:

Pusher slab of silicon nitride measuring 290mm x 260mm x 25mm were used in the heat treatment process in which slabs were transferred from the heating zone in nitrogen atmosphere at 1000C to the cooling zone into which cooling air was blown but change was not observed at all even after 6 months use. The service life was remarkably as compared with tranditional SiC refractory. Therefore silicon nitride is the most suitable for pusher slabs which is used for quenching of ferrites, heat treatment of casting magnets and so on.

Immersion Tubes for measuring temperature of molten aluminum:

Immersion tubes of silicon nitride measuring 21mm(Outside Diameter) , 15mm(Inside Diameter) and 800mm(Length) were used continuously dipped in molten aluminum at 800C for 30 days and no corrosion was noticed. Silicon nitride has no corrosion with non-ferrous metal (Aluminum, Zinc, Lead, Tin, etc). So it can be used for a wide range of applications.

Protection Pipes for Measuring temperature of atmosphere:

Protection pipes of silicon nitride measuring 40mm (Outside Diameter), 20mm(Inside Diameter) and 500mm(Length) and those of silicon carbide of the same dimensions were used for measuring the temperature(1,150C) of heavy oil furnace for non-ferrous metal refining. The result was that the silicon nitride pipes served for 110 days and the silicon carbide pipes for 48 days. Silicon nitride has much anti-corrosion against corrosive gas, and so silicon nitride is quite suitable for parts in furnaces and equipments with hidrogen sulphide gas or chloride gas.

Burner Tiles:

When silicon nitride were used as burner tiles (450mm x 450mm) for dwitroyd sintering machine, they were free from attaching of soot and no such loss as seen in the case of chamotte brick was noted.

Dimensions And Shapes

Silicon nitride ceramics order made products:
Various size and shapes can be manufactured :
Plates and boxes like setters plates and saggers from 250`to 300mm
Pipes and Crucibles from 200mm(O.D) x 1000mm(L)
Up to 700mm(O.D) x 600mm(H)